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Selling Traeger Wood Pellet Grills since 2001

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Now serving Marin to Carmel

What exactly is a Traeger Wood Pellet Grill?

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Land of the Free


Home of the Brave

Barbecue Joe has been serving Northern California

since Independence Day, 2001, and believes:

You have the right to:

  1. Cook low and slow.

  2. Have your food just taste better.

  3. Have zero prep time and zero cleanup time. 

  4. Be free of smelly lighter fluid and propane gas.

  5. Choose your fuel from a selection of woods.

  6. Be free of grease fire flare-ups and burnt food.

  7. Enjoy a longneck or two while barbecuing.

  8. Benefit from local service and support.

  9. Own a grill that will last a lifetime.

  10. Get value for money.

Now we're cookin'

  • Hickory

  • Oak

  • Cherry

  • Maple

  • Mesquite

  • Alder

  • Apple

  • Pecan

  • Hazelnut

  • Garlic

  • Onion

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Your Grill of Rights

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Barbecues at Pebble Beach

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Best Ribs in Town

Our Smoke is No Joke!

Barbecue Joe cooks most Saturdays in Pebble Beach

We eat at Six O'Clock

Go to the archives to learn about previous feasts. The archives also contain many recipe references.

Old Saying







Miss Piggy's first road trip

See pictures of us at the CASI Chili Cookoff and Barbecue

Rohnert Park, California

Saturday, October 13, 2001

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  1. Family, starting with Wini, the light of my life.

  2. Our friends at Kadon Enterprises make a fine collection of beautiful games and puzzles. They are a wonderful source of gifts for friends and family. No batteries are required, although curiosity and thought are!

  3. For golf instruction in the Monterey area, you can't do better than Ben Alexander. In the San Francisco Bay Area, the place to visit is The Golf Lab (Leith Anderson), now co-resident with Balbi Golf (David Balbi).

  4. Got balls? Here is a description of our latest project, the construction of a backyard Bocce Court.

  5. Interested in the original "Barbecue Joe?" Hint: Dixieland Music is involved!

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  1. For the classical scholars, you can read about barbecue in The Iliad.Link to www.fixyourslice.com

  2. Our trip to Spain inspired The Ode to the Anchovy.

  3. Need to do something about that awful chronic slice of yours? Click on the picture

  4. Warm beer again? We have a solution to that problem too.

  5. Would you like to recommend a book to me? Click here.

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  6. No tool kit would be complete without the French Army Knife. And if you think Hummers are for wimps, I may have a mailbox for you.

  7. Here's an interesting video clip featuring my namesake. We're the one in the yellow silks.

  8. Richard Feynman and my dad overlapped at my alma mater, Far Rockaway High School. Visit this link to see some photos we took on a sentimental journey in 2001.

  9. COMAP's educational philosophy is centered around mathematical modeling: using mathematical tools to explore real-world problems. Have a look at their stuff.  

  10. World going to hell in a hand basket? Can't do anything about it? Wrong! Make a difference in one child's life: learn about CASA and CASA in Monterey County.  

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  11. Do you have problems solving problems? Would you like a more systematic approach? Have a look at my problem-solving clock.

  12. Is "growth" good or bad? Does growth inevitably lead to decline? Healthy organizations tend to grow, but can their very growth threaten their success and even their continued existence? Investigate this further.

  13. For a complete list of my publications, click here.

  14. Thinking about writing a book? You might want to read this interview first.

  15. Here is where you can learn about my five black cars.

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  16. Do you believe in the "80/20 Rule"? Sometimes it doesn't work.

  17. My Erds Number is five. On the other hand, my "Bacon Number" is infinite. What conclusions can we draw about entertainers and mathematicians by looking at the distribution of these numbers? Have a look. The interesting stuff is at the end of the Erds Number page.

  18. Been draggin' lately? Have a dragon look you over. With thanks to John Walker.

  19. Here's a neat new way to compute pi. There's an additional side benefit if you hover the cursor over it.

    Also allows you to compute the nth hexadecimal digit of pi without computing all the others

    The interesting details can be found here.

  20. November 2005: Barbecue Joe takes a day job as the CEO of N8 Systems, subsequently renamed Ravenflow. (See February 2008 update AC below.)

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  21. If you are a member of the IEEE and are interested in why software tools have a tough time getting adopted in the business world, check out this article by my friend Eugene Farmer from the November/December 2006 issue of IEEE Software. (The article is a paid link for non-members; the IEEE has to recover its costs.)

  22. Ravenflow was the 2006 winner of the Silicon Valley Business Journal's Emerging Technology Award in the Collaboration category. Here's the announcement.

  23. Are you interested in the "Agile Method" for doing software development? Here is something you might find thought provoking.

  24. Ravenflow received the prestigious 2007 SD Times 100 award in the Modeling category.

  25. Barbecue Joe retired from Ravenflow in February 2008. In March 2011 the company was acquired by Versata.

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There's More to Life than Barbecue

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The Software Development Edge

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Order a copy from Amazon.com

Every forty years or so I take time out and write a book.

The Software Development Edge: Essays on Managing Successful Projects was published by Addison-Wesley on April 13, 2005.

Foreign Translations Available:

May 2006

Link to Polish Edition Web Site


January 2007

Link to Chinese Edition Web Site

Simplified Chinese

December 2007

Link to Russian Edition Web Site


September 2008

Link to Japanese Edition Web Site


Link to Adjudicating Two-Party Disputes


For those of you who don't enjoy arguing about how to split up a pile of stuff with someone else, or who don't view complex negotiations as a good way to pass the time, we have a solution for you. The Brams Taylor Method is great for adjudicating two-party disputes without the need for a third party. Click on the picture to learn more.

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Resolving Disputes

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Link to Nomography

How's that for obscure? What in tarnation is a nomograph?

Find out by clicking on the picture.

Nomography flourished in the first half of the twentieth century.

New members of the Society for the Conservation and Advancement of Nomography are always welcomed.



Click below for a five-minute video

Use the control to view full screen

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The Stomachion

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Archimedes was without a doubt the greatest Sicilian who ever lived. Yes, he is thought of as Greek, but he was born and lived almost all his life in Syracuse, on the island of Sicily. He was the best mathematician of antiquity, and invented a form of integral calculus over eighteen hundred years before Newton and Leibniz. He also pioneered the science we know today as physics. One can only speculate how much further along we would be today if his works had not been lost for hundreds of years during the Dark Ages.

Link to The Stomachion

We now also believe that he was the first mathematician to broach the subject of combinatorics, one of the bedrocks of computer science. And how do we know this? Because of a puzzle he took an interest in over two hundred years before the birth of Christ.

Click on the picture of The Stomachion to learn more.

And celebrate "Worldwide Archimedes' Day" on June 5th!

Diagram courtesy Chris Rorres, University of Pennsylvania

Link to Memphis in May 2013

Barbecue Joe competes annually in the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. Click on the picture to the left to learn more about these adventures.

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Memphis In May

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Link to Set America Free

Comforting the Afflicted, Afflicting the Comfortable 

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