Ode to the Anchovy


Who would have thought?

We had no sign

That little fish

That tastes divine

A tragedy

In every land

So much supply

And no demand

It all began

With Pedro the Cruel

Who always had them

In his gruel

Some think this humble

Fish is icky

Atop a pizza

Hot and sticky

I’ll tell you

After several grappas

This noble fish 

Completes my tapas

I love this fish

This little fella

Whose patroness saint

Is Gabriella

Why did you choose

To make your own

This very special

Small poisson?


Just when you thought

We couldn’t go lower

We learn that in Basque

It’s called the antxoa

It isn’t easy

To make this rhyme

About a fish

I find sublime

So raise your glass

And toast “Hee Hee”

Live long, and prosper,

AN – CHO – VY!

Comforting the Afflicted, Afflicting the Comfortable

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