Andrew Marasco, Class of '34

returns to FRHS for his 85th birthday!

A short note from Joe Marasco, Class of '62

Several years ago, the Alumni Association offered Far Rockaway High School graduates the opportunity to do something to help the school: for a modest donation, one could "endow" a chair in the auditorium. At the time, I realized that our entire family had graduated from the same high school, over a span of thirty five years. My dad graduated in 1934, followed by my mom in 1940. Twenty two years later, I graduated in 1962, followed by my brother Mickey (some called him Mike) in 1964, my sister Linda in 1967, and finally Diane in 1969. So I asked for six chairs in a row for our family, and promptly forgot about it.

My brother passed away in 1995, and my mom in 1998. This October my dad turned 85. He now lives in assisted living in Wayne, New Jersey, and I thought it would be a nice thing for him to see the plaques on the auditorium chairs. So I flew out from California, and, thanks to arrangements made by Barbara Saber, an alumna and current teacher, visited the school on Election Day, 2001, with my dad.

Needless to say, he was surprised and very pleased. The current principal, Cheryl Jones, hosted the visit. Our "chairs" were all in a row as I had asked, and there was even a ribbon on the last one (Diane's). I kidded with my dad that he got the "best seat in the house." He's dead center in the center section, about twenty rows from the front.

Here are some pictures of the visit. Unfortunately, some of the pictures of the plaques didn't come out as well as I would have liked, due to some glare and reflections. I think Diane's plaque photographed the best. As I went left to right, I probably got the hang of it on the sixth try.

Thanks so much to Barbara and Ms. Jones. The visit was a great success and made my dad very happy.

January 1, 2005 Update

Andrew passed away peacefully on December 26, 2004 at the age of 88. A WWII combat veteran, he was buried by a military honor guard in a very moving ceremony. He will be missed by all who knew him. In addition to the legacy represented by the six plaques shown below, Andy leaves eight grandsons to the world. May they continue to honor him through their good works.

Requiescat In Pace

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Here's my dad sitting in one of our "chairs."

Is there a family resemblance?

Dad and Ms. Jones, the principal

And here are the plaques:

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