A Traeger Wood Pellet Grill is Good Engineering
What is "Good Engineering?"
It's when someone else worked hard so that you don't have to!


How Does It Work?

Why is a pellet grill better than gas or charcoal?

Taste:  Foods cooked on a Pellet Grill taste better than those cooked on gas or charcoal. Guaranteed to increase your outdoor dining pleasure. A wood fire is simply a more natural and tastier way to cook food.
Safety:  A Pellet Grill is safer than gas or charcoal. No explosions from gas leaks, no hot coals, uses safe non-toxic wood pellets. Fire safety officials love this barbecue grill.
Membership:  When you buy a Pellet Grill , you join an elite group of grill owners who have discovered this unique cooking method. Be the first in your neighborhood to own one.
Recognition:  When you cook for your family and friends on a Pellet Grill the compliments you get will be unmatched. A pat on the back every time you barbecue.
Convenience:  You don't need to baby sit a Pellet Grill. Put your food on and spend time doing things you enjoy. Cooks unattended while you are in the house or doing more enjoyable things.
Healthier:   Adds no cholesterol, fat, or calories. This indirect cooking method produces less benzo (a) pyrene than gas or charcoal grills. Better for your health.
Smoker:   Absolutely the best smoker on the market today. Mesquite and gourmet smoked foods right from your own backyard. Hot wood fire vapors penetrate the meat for an incredible flavor.
No Flare-ups:  No open flame, almost impossible to burn your food. Barbecue isn't just for men anymore with the ease of operating a Pellet Grill.
Environmentally Sound:  Wood pellets are a clean burning renewable resource. 100% natural.
Versatility:  A Pellet Grill is three appliances in one. It grills, it bakes, and it smokes, all with the flip of a switch.
Economy:   Costs less to operate than most charcoal grills. One 10 lb. bag of wood pellets will cook an average of five times.
Superior Construction:   Hand-crafted and built to last.

Comforting the Afflicted, Afflicting the Comfortable

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